Help - RSS

What is RSS?

RSS is basically a system, designed to allow websites to push short messages (like headlines) out to the user, without the user having to visit the website. Basically you could describe RSS as "notifications for websites". It is free, as long as you use a free RSS reader.

How can I use RSS?

To use RSS, you need to install a RSS reader app. If you're using a PC, you have to install a RSS Plugin for your web browser. Look here for a list of RSS readers you could use.
By using RSS feeds, you'll receive a short notification when you receive a notification on this website. You can then click on the feed message and you'll be taken to this website, where you can view the corresponding content.


To set up the RSS reader, you need to go to "Account" and scroll down to where it says "RSS feed". Then you need to copy the link below it (do not visit the link, it won't work that way), this is usually done by pressing the link for a few seconds and selecting "copy" from the context menu.
After that, you need to ope up your RSS reader and find the "add" function. Just paste the link you just copied into the "URL" input field. You don't need to set a title, as this will be done automatically.

RSS Readers

Here is a list, of a few free RSS readers you could use.
RSS Reader
Google Chrome
RSS Feed Reader (Plugin)
Thunderbird (eMail Client)