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About Battle

Any player who is level 15 or higher may enter the Battle Arena.

Upon entering the Battle Arena, you will see the opponent you are up against and you need to choose one of your dragons to fight the opponent. To find the dragons with the best chances, you may use the calculator provided above.

Once you have chosen a dragon, you'll enter the Arena itself and see the fighting screen. You always have three options for attacks: "bash", "magic" and "ultimate". The ultimate attack usually costs 12 gold but guarantees a critical hit, meaning that you will always win the fight when using the ultimate attack.
There is no difference between "bash" and "magic" other than the animation, meaning they both deal the same amount of damage.

The Arena is round based, meaning you and the opponent dragon take turns performing attacks. You always get to take the first turn.

If you don't score a critical hit within 3 turns, you'll lose and your dragon will require healing in the Healing Spring.


Tournaments are special events where you have to win against a predefined roster of opponent dragons. Usually Tournaments consist of 15 to 18, 30 or even more rounds and last anywhere from 3 days (15 to 20 rounds), to 2 weeks. The most common Tournaments are 18 rounds in 3 days as well as 30 rounds in 7 days.

Basic Tips

If you don't want to always use the battle calculator to find the absolute best result, here's a few simple tips that can help choosing a good fighter:

1. Champions (especially on high levels) will almost always have a good chance! So if you have one, try leveling it up as far as you can. If you don't have one yet, try to win a Tournament, Champion Dragons make the Battle Arena much easier!
2. If you have a Diamond Dragon use it to fight against Champions, unless you really need the income.
3. Basically higher level and higher rarity means better chances, keep that in mind.
4. If you don't have a Champion or it's still low-level, try to memorize some type advantages. That way you can estimate better which dragon has the best chances.
5. In Tournaments: If you really need to win and you have multiple dragons with a high chance to win, don't use the ultimate attack: rather lose and battle again with another dragon. Skipping the wait time in between battles is cheaper than using the ultimate attack!
5. In Tournaments: If all of your dragons only have the minimum chance to win, then don't use your good fighters! Use low-level dragons that you won't need to rejuvenate quickly - that way you can keep your Healing Spring free for your more important fighters.

If you want to be really sure about choosing the best fighter, you should always use the battle calculator.

More Tips

These are meant especially for higher level players who have large amounts of food. Please keep in mind, that these are just my opinions and what I've found to be useful.

1. Try to have at least one Champion at level 15 and one Diamond Dragon at level 15.
2. Use your highest level Champion for fighting, except when the opponent is a Champion, too, or it's a Diamond type - then use your highest level Diamond Dragon. (Diamond Dragons are especially useful for fighting the high-level Champions in a Tournament, where even the high-level Champions only have a Win% of 10%.)
3. If you can, raise a second Champion and a second Diamond Dragon as high as you can. This way you still have a second good option during Tournaments when your other Dragons are in the Healing Spring.

The Math behind Battles

There is three characteristics that affect the outcome of a battle:
  • the dragon's rarities
  • the dragon's levels
  • the dragon's types

From this, your chance to win ("Win%") ist calculated, by giving points in each of the categories. The minimum chance is 10% and the maximum chance is 90%, so every dragon has a chance to win against any other dragon, however there is no guaranteed win.


Basically the rule is: the more rare dragon has a higher chance to win.

More in detail, it's not quite that easy. Every rarity has a number assigned to it. For example: unbreedable is 3 and ultra rare is 8. Depending on the difference of the opponent dragon's rarity points and your dragon's rarity points, you'll receive the points. If your dragon is the same rarity or more rare than the opponent you'll receive 0 points. If you dragon is more common than the opponent you'll receive between -1 and -6 points, depending on how large the difference in rarity is.


This is similar to the rarity: The higher the difference between your dragon and the opponent dragon, the better your chance to win.

Depending on the difference in the level, you will receive between 0 and 9 points. The special thing here is: if your dragon has the same level as the opponent dragon, you will receive 5 points. And even if your dragon's level is slightly lower then the opponent, you still receive more than 0 points. If your dragon's level is higher than the opponent's level, you'll of course receive more than 5 points.


This part is by far the most complex of the three, and there really is no simple rule you can easily remember.

The type advantages are calculated using the following table:

typestrong against...weak against...
redgreen, dino, zodiayellow, blue, stone, tropic, champion
greenpurple, black, stonered, mythic, dino, gemstone, royal, champion
yellowred, blue, goldpink, black, cosmic, zodiac champion
bluered, white, stoneyellow, purple, rainbow, gemstone, champion
purpleblue, white, cosmicgreen, pink, gold, zodiac, royal, champion
diamonddiamond, gold, gemstone-
whiteblack, mythic, cosmic, royalblue, purple, stone, rainbow, champion
pinkyellow, purple, mythic, royalblack, gold, fairytale, gemstone, champion
blackyellow, pink, fairytale, gemstonegreen, white, cosmic, rainbow, royal, champion
mythicgreen, rainbow, zodiac, tropicwhite, pink, fairytale, champion
cosmicyellow, black, fairytale, zodiacpurple, white, dino, champion
goldpurple, pink, rainbow, royalyellow, diamond, champion
stonered, white, dinogreen, blue, tropic, royal, champion
fairytalepink, mythic, rainbow, tropicblack, cosmic, zodiac, royal, champion
dinogreen, mythic, gemstonered, stone, tropic, champion
rainbowblue, white, black, tropicmythic, gold, fairytale, champion
gemstonegreen, blue, pink, royaldiamond, black, dino, champion
zodiacyellow, purple, fairytalered, mythic, cosmic, champion
tropicred, stone, dinomythic, fairytale, rainbow, champion
ice ageblizzardabominable, champion
abominableiceageblizzard, champion
blizzardabominableiceage, champion
royalgreen, purple, black, stone, fairytalewhite, pink, gold, gemstone, champion
championred, green, yellow, blue, purple, white, pink, black, mythic, cosmic, gold, stone, fairytale, dino, rainbow, gemstone, zodiac, tropic, iceage, abominable, blizzard, royalchampion
metalblue, gold, zodiacred, diamond, rainbow
egyptwhite, black, stonemythic, gold, royal
soccergreen, white, pink, gold, fairytalered, purple, dino, zodiac
All other types have no advantages/disadvantages.

To calculate your type score, you need to check every of your dragon's types one by one and check every of the opponent's types for each of your dragon's type. If your dragon is strong against an enemy type, you'll receive +1 type score. If your dragon is weak against an enemy type, you'll receive -1 type score.