Here you can find a rough overview of what each page does and how it's meant to be used. It isn't in depth, but it should give you enough info to get started, you can discover the rest by yourself!

If you have questions should look here.


This page gives you an overview of all the other pages. On the bottom there's also some news so you will always know when there are new features!


On this page you can find out, which dragon you should use to fight a specific enemy. If you check "only show my dragons" in your account settings, only dragons you own will be shown (if they are added in the "My Dragons" page).
To battle, just select the opponent dragon as well as its level from the lists and click "get results". If you don't want to scroll through that many dragons you can click on "search by name" and enter the opponents name by hand. You don't need to type the full name as there will be a list of all dragons matching your searched name if there's more than one possible dragon you might mean.
The results page will show the opponent dragon name and level as well as a table showing best dragons to use. It's ordered by the chance to win ("Win%") from highest to lowest. If you don't have "only show my dragons" checked (or you're using the guest login), the calculator will assume that your dragons are all the same level as the opponent.

Type Filter

The type filter is intended to be used for the BINGO events. If a type is selected, only results containing this type will be displayed.


This page will only be shown if there's a tournament live at the moment. It'll show a list of all the opponents you have to fight in the tournament as well as the dragon you can win at the very bottom (highlighted in green). If you click on the opponent's name, you'll be taken to the battle calculator showing the dragons you should use to fight the dragon you just clicked.

Dragon Tales

This page will only be shown if there's a Dragon Tales going on at the moment. It shows a list of all the things you need to do and also some extra info like the total amount of items (collectibles, gems, food, etc.) required.

World Event

This page will only be shown if there's a World Event at the moment. It shows the amount of collectibles required for each reward as well as a schedule of how many items you should have at the end of which day in order to get the final reward.


This page gives you the opportunity to find out what dragon you have bred before hatching the dragon. You simply have to select the dragons you are breeding and the incubation time. After clicking "get results" you'll be shown a list of possible outcomes. You can click on the names of the dragon to view the info about the dragon.
Note: Breeding calc is still in beta and therefore some results may be wrong or missing.

Dragon Info

On this page you can search for dragons to get more info about them. You can search by name or by types.

On each dragon's page it shows info as the release date, rarity as well as the income and food costs.

My Dragons

To learn how you can manage your dragons, click here.


A list of all your dragons along with some extra information.


This list shows you how many dragons you have of a specific breed.


Depending on your settings, this page will show a list of all dragons you currently don't own (includes expired dragons, too) or a list of all currently breedable dragons you don't already own.
To learn more about how your dragons are imported, click here.

My Island

This page is supposed to help you optimize your island for more income. There are currently three modes: citizens, income and income (average).


This page shows how much free capacity your habitats have. It does not give any optimization recommendations.


This page calculates the fill hours of every habitat and compares the calculated fill hours to the desired fill hours you set in your account settings. It also shows which dragons you should move to which habitats in order to reach the desired fill hours in more habitats. Habitats with bold numbers include a dragon that should be moved from/to that habitat.

Income (average)

This page compares your habitats by their hourly income. It doesn't yet show any optimization recommendations.


This page is supposed to give an overview of other players' stats so you can see how you compare to them. The statistics are totally anonymus and based on data of everyone's owned dragons.

Add Me

Here, there's a list of IDs you can add if you need more neighbors. All users that have set their S8-ID and that have been active in the past days are shown on this list. If you don't want to appear on this list, go to "Account" and check "hide me" in the settings (category "Add Me").


Here you can view and change your account settings. You can click on the settings' names in the table to view a description of what each setting does. To delete your account you have to email me at

Feedback / Message

Here you can post a message that can only be read by mods and admins. You may write feedback or ask for help if you have problems. Just enter your message into the input field an click on "submit". Below the form you will see the history of messages you've written plus the replies written by mods/admins (light gray background). Most recent messages are on the top. If you want to reply or post another message, just use the same form that you used to send the first message.

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