Dragon Imports

This page will give you a rough overview of how your dragons are imported into the site and, for those who are concerned, what data from you account can be accessed and what can't.

How does it work?

If you enter your S8-ID into this site and add me (ID: "triopasi") in game, then I can see what I refer to as the "profile ID", which is basically the link to your profile. Everyone of your neighbors has it, it's nothing dangerous, just basically the site Dragon Story goes to when someone's visits your island.
The site will store this link and link it to your on site account. On update time (usually once per day) my update tool will access the site and download a list of all users and the corresponding "profile IDs", then it will proceed to visit everyone. It will save the data it receives and uploads it back to the website, where the data will be transferred into the database.

What can be accessed?

I only have access to the data that is public anyway (only the data everyone who visits your island receives). At the moment only your dragons and habitats are being imported into the database but if possible I would also like to import your inventory in the future.

Is it safe?

Since I can only see the public information about your island there is no danger for you. I assume there will be no issues with S8/TL either because I only "visit" your island.

What about my password?

Security has always been one of my greatest concerns. I cannot guarantee that there is absolutely no way to access or hack the database but lots of measures have been taken to prevent it. Even if someone could access he database your password is encrypted in a way that cannot be reversed, not even I can find out your password. Nobody will be able to steal your Dragon Story account just because you're using this site.