This site has lots of cool features that only few people are using, that's why I want to propose some of them to you.

Quick Login Link

Annoyed of always having to log into this site before you can start using it, although you have bookmarked it?
In that case you should go to your account page and bookmark the "Quick Login Link" instead! Whenever you visit the site though that link it will automatically log you in!

Notifications & RSS - Notifications for Events

Ever missed the start of an event? Don't miss it again!
Whenever a new event is put up on this site a notification is sent. If you want to receive it, just enable "Event Notifications" in your account settings.
You may also chose to receive the notifications via eMail or RSS (or both).
Find out what RSS is here. (Trust me, you should.. )


I love feedback, no matter if it is positive or negative and I'm always open for your suggestions!
You can easily give feedback on site or email me at I'd really appreciate it!