Spirit Search

Level 15 - 40

Chapter One

1Plant 4 Impruberries.?
2Feed any dragons 3 times.gold
3Plant any 3 crops.?

Chapter Two

1Feed any dragons 5 times.10 gold
2Plant 3 Firapples.gold
3Start crafting your Nightstream Dragon.24 gold

Chapter Three

1Hatch your Nightstream Dragon.gold
2Raise your Nightstream Dragon to Level 3.?
3Start the Spooky Sights Quest.12 gold

Chapter Four

1Start the Halloween Haunting Quest.12 gold
2Raise your Nightstream Dragon to Level 4.?
3Breed Mist Dragon with another dragon.36 gold

Chapter Five

1Raise your Nightstream Dragon to Level 6.?
2Start the Spooky Sights Quest.12 gold
3Start crafting a Wicked Broom.24 gold

Chapter Six

1Hatch a Dragon.gold
2Start the Halloween Haunting Quest.12 gold
3Raise your Nightstream Dragon to Level 8.?

Chapter Seven

1Craft and decorate with another Revenant Stone.?
2Raise your Nightstream Dragon to Level 10.?
3Breed Nightstream Dragon with another dragon.36 gold
4Start crafting your Censer Dragon.24 gold

Chapter Eight

1Finish crafting and hatch your Censer Dragon.?
2Breed Nightstream Dragon with a Prettygeist Dragon.36 gold
3Win a Battle Arena Match in the Battle Arena.15 gold

Chapter Nine

1Win 1 Battle Arena Match with your Censer Dragon.15 gold
2Raise your Censer Dragon to Level 7.?
3Craft a Superb Story.10 gold
4Raise your Nightstream Dragon to Level 11.?

Chapter Ten

1Recieve 3 Friendly Letters from Neighbors.45 gold
2Raise your Censer Dragon to Level 11.?
3Win 2 Battle Arena Matches in the Battle Arena.30 gold


Total ... Amount
food cost136,920 food
food earnedfood
coins earnedcoins
XP earnedxp
gold earnedgold
gold to skip377 gold
Perfect Prologue4
Favored Fable2
These numbers may ne be correct and should only be used as a reference point.

About Tales

Any player who is level 15 or higher is eligible to participate in the Dragon Tales event.

The Dragon Tales tell part of the history of the dragon isles in each event.
You have to complete all 10 chapters (with up to 5 acts each) to finish the tales and get the ultra rare reward dragon.
The tasks that have to be accomplished are dependent on your level. Lower level players get easier tasks then mid level and high level players as you can see in the table.


High level players often need to craft items you need small gems for. So it's never wrong to have some small gems in every color in your storage by trading duplicate dragons.

In my opinion, one of the most important things when it comes to a Dragon Tales event is having enough food. After finishing one Dragon Tales event, you should already start saving up food for the next one as they may come faster then you think! Who wants to spend gold for food?!